Sportskeeda Score

The Sportskeeda Score is the total of the points you have earned through your activities on Sportskeeda. Your score reflects the extent to which you are passionate about sports, and is visible at the top of your Sportskeeda user profile, just below your picture.

Here are the various ways in which you can boost your Sportskeeda score:

For every article read: 1 point

For every article written: 100 points

For every video posted: 10 points

For every follower gained for your author profile: 5 points

For every sport, event, team, player, author you follow: 2 points

For every 100 reads that your article receives: 2 points

For every comment posted: 10 points

For every Editor's Pick article: 200 points

You can earn titles for yourself through your Sportskeeda Score. The higher your score, the better your title! Here's a quick look at the different titles you are eligible for at different levels:


Once you reach a certain level, you can choose whether you want your title to be associated with the sport, event, team or player of your choice. It is necessary for you to 'follow' a particular entity for your title to contain the name of that entity.

For instance, if you have reached the 2nd level and want your title to be 'Arsenal Superfan', you must necessarily be 'following' the Arsenal team. You can follow Arsenal from your preferences page (which can be found here), after which you have to head back to your profile (which you can access here) and choose 'Arsenal Superfan' from the dropbox next to the tab named 'Your title'.


So what are you waiting for? Get busy on Sportskeeda and improve your Sportskeeda Score now!