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How Long is a Day in Minecraft

In Minecraft, the safety of day is long but the danger of night is longer. Or is it? How long is a Minecraft day from start to end? It’s definitely not 24 hours, that's far too long, and we’ve all been blown up by Creepers far sooner than 12 hours into our Minecraft world. In reality, a full Minecraft cycle through day and night is just 20 minutes! That explains how the sun seems to go down so fast! It's 72 times faster than a real-life day.

How long is a day in Minecraft

A day in Minecraft lasts for only 20 minutes. Since Minecraft’s time is based upon a system of ticks, the passage of 24,000 ticks in-game equates to a day in Minecraft and 20 minutes of real-world time, which means that there are 72 Minecraft days in a single real-world day of 24 hours.

Conversions - Minecraft time to real-time

Minecraft TimeMinecraft TicksReal-Time
1 second0.270.0138 seconds
1 minute16.60.83 seconds
1 hour1,00050 seconds
1 day24,00020 minutes
1 week (7 days)168,0002.3 hours (2h 20min)
1 lunar cycle (8 days)192,0002.6 hours (2h 40min)

Conversions - Real-time to Minecraft time

Real-TimeMinecraft Time
1 tick3.6 seconds
1 second1 minute and 12 seconds. (72 seconds)
10 seconds12 minutes (720 seconds)
50 seconds1 hour (60 minutes, 3600 seconds)
1 minute (60 seconds)1 hour and 12 minutes (72 minutes, 4320 seconds)
1 hour3 days
1 day72 days
1 month2,160 days
1 year26,297.5 days

24-hour Minecraft day Table

Clock TimeMinecraft Time (24-hour clock)Minecraft Time (ticks)Real-Time (minutes)Event
06:00:00.00 (24000)0:00 (20:00)Beginning of the Minecraft day. Villagers awaken and rise from their beds.
07:00:00.010000:50Time when using the /time set day command.
08:00:00.020001:40Villagers begin their workday.
11:43:22.857234:46.15The clock starts showing exactly midday.
12:00:00.060005:00Noon; the sun is at its peak. Time when using /time set noon.
15:00:00.090007:30Villagers end their workday and begin socializing.
18:00:00.01200010:00Time when using the /time set sunset‌ command in Bedrock Edition. Villagers go to their beds and sleep.
18:00:36.01201010:00.5In rainy weather, beds can be used at this point.
18:02:241204010:02The internal sky-light level begins to decrease.
18:32:31.21254210:27.1In clear weather, beds can be used at this point. In clear weather, bees enter the nest/hive for the night. In clear weather, undead mobs no longer burn.
18:36:361261010:30.5The clock shows exactly dusk (day to night).
18:47:09.61278610:39.3The solar zenith angle is 0.
18:58:08.41296910:48.45First tick when monsters spawn outdoors in rainy weather.
19:00:00.01300010:50Time when using the /time set night command.
19:11:16.81318810:59.4First tick when monsters spawn outdoors in clear weather.
23:50:34.81784314:52.7The clock starts showing exactly midnight.
00:00:00.01800015:00Midnight; the moon is at its peak. Time when using the /time set midnight command.
04:48:43.22281219:00.6Last tick when monsters spawn outdoors in clear weather.
05:00:00.02300019:10Time when using the /time set sunrise‌ command in Bedrock Edition.
05:01:51.62303119:11.55Last tick when monsters spawn outdoors in rainy weather.
05:02:27.62304119:12.1The clock starts showing exactly dawn.
05:12:57.62321619:20.8The solar zenith angle is 0.
05:27:36.02346019:33In clear weather, beds can no longer be used. In clear weather, Bees leave the nest/hive. In clear weather, undead mobs begin to burn.
05:57:39.62396119:58.1The internal sky-light level reaches 15, the maximum.
05:59:31.22399219:59.6In rainy weather, beds can no longer be used.


The sun and moon revolve around the player, not the center of the world.

In Singleplayer, day and night do not proceed when paused.

Background music plays depending on the time of the daylight cycle.


How many Minecraft days are in 24 hours?

Just as the 72 times longer conversion rate implies, there are 72 whole Minecraft days stuffed into a single real-life day.

How long is Minecraft day and night?

Day and night are actually equal in length. The day lasts 10 minutes and the night lasts 10 minutes, unlike in real life where the lengths of day and night are uneven and can change.

How many real days are 1000 Minecraft days?

Whenever your Minecraft world hits this absurd number of days, you will know you have been playing that one world for almost 14 full real-life days, that's over 300 hours! Might be time to go outside and watch the real sunrise for a bit. Or don’t, Minecraft sunrises are just as pretty, even for the 1001st time.


Minecraft days are short. Really short. 3 fit in an hour and 72 fit in a whole day! Even with this, the day and night are spread evenly so you’ll get plenty of sunlight over those short 20 minutes. Remember to bring a clock through as just 10 minutes later, it's time to watch your back for Creepers again.

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