When is Chamber coming to Mumbai (India) server in Valorant patch 3.10?

Valorant’s newest Sentinel (Image via Valorant)
Valorant’s newest Sentinel (Image via Valorant)

Valorant’s upcoming sentinel Chamber’s release is being hotly anticipated by the legions of players who play the game. Although Act 3 Episode 3 began on 2 November, this agent release was delayed by two weeks. Meanwhile, people have gotten more and more excited with Chamber’s trailer and the montages of his abilities.

Patch 3.10 is supposed to also bring the Magepunk 2.0 bundle, confirmed to have an Operator skin. It is also rumored to consist of both the Phantom and Vandal skins.

It seems Magepunk 2 is prepping to make its appearance. Remember Magepunk 2 contains an Operator

The patch will also introduce agent profiles and tournament updates, among other changes. Here is a breakdown of all that players can expect from Patch 3.10.

So when can Indian players have their hand at playing Chamber?

When can Chamber be expected?

Chamber appeared on Public Beta Environment on 13 November. PBE is a server where players can sign up to try out upcoming patches and provide feedback. Chamber is officially dropping in the main servers on 16 November with Patch 3.10.

Patch notes for 3.10 are expected to drop by 7.00 pm IST. But the updates will surely follow the suit of previous patches. The Mumbai server is likely to go down at 2.30 am IST, early on 17 November, with the update being possibly completed by 3.30 am IST.

Chamber Contract Skin: Finesse Classic | #VALORANT

Indian players will wake up to Valorant’s newest agent, a new skin bundle, and other changes that the patch will bring. Once the agent arrives, players must complete tier 5 of Chamber’s contract to unlock the agent.

Valorant’s newest addition: Chamber

Chamber is the 18th agent on the Valorant Protocol roster. He has been included in the Sentinel category after KAY/O, which was an initiator. Chamber is described as possessing deadly aim and precision, who can defend sites with carefully executed traps.

So here’s a different kind of video. My opinion on chamber and his abilities, and where he stands in VALORANT. Also, going over why I don’t think he’s 100% a

The official biography states:

“Well dressed and well-armed, French weapons designer Chamber expels aggressors with deadly precision. He leverages his custom arsenal to hold the line and pick off enemies from afar, with a contingency built for every plan.”

With a mixture of Cypher traps, Yoru teleports, Sage’s Orb, and a discount golden gun as his ultimate, Chamber is gearing up to be a force to be reckoned with. Players are already figuring out different ways to utilize Chamber’s abilities to the maximum.

Only time will tell how the newest agent will affect the current meta of the game. The sharply-dressed Frenchman also adds a unique mix to the ongoing storyline of the Valorant universe. The reveal trailer focussed on Chamber’s pocket dimension and Brimstone being stuck in it.

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