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Irving 'sorry' for saying the earth is flat

216   //    02 Oct 2018, 20:16 IST
Boston Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving

NBA star Kyrie Irving has apologised for suggesting the earth is flat.

During an interview on Monday at the Forbes Under 30 summit, the Boston Celtics point guard claimed he "didn't realise the effect" his comments would have.

"At the time I was innocent in it, but you realise the effect of the power of voice," Irving said. 

"And even if you believe in that, don't come out and say that stuff. That's for intimate conversations because perception, how you're received, it just changes.

"Like, know I'm actually a smart-ass individual. At the time, I just didn't realise the effect. And I was definitely at that time a big conspiracy theorist. You can't tell me anything.

"I'm sorry about all that, for all the science teachers and everybody coming up to me like, 'You know I have to reteach my whole curriculum?' I'm sorry. I apologise."

Irving drew a lot of attention — and criticism — during the All-Star break as a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2017 when he said on a podcast he believes the earth is flat.

Looking ahead to the future as technology advances, Irving said he plans on keeping a low profile.

"I don't know if you guys will see me," Irving said. "I'll probably be in 800 acres in Texas in the middle of nowhere. Off the grid in a self-sustaining community, just living with no power. Like this is fun and all, but technology is just killing me, man."