556/9 & 97/2 (22.3)
148/10 & 443/7 (171.4)
Match Drawn
Player of the match: Babar Azam
That is all we have from this Test then. The action has been brilliant and as Pradeep and I (Rishab) sign off on behalf of our team, we only look forward to your company for the next Test in Lahore. We can certainly expect another thriller. Until then, goodbye from us, take care folks!
Right then. What an enthralling Test match this has ben indeed. The chase was definitely something that Pakistan would not have had in mind with the initial thoughts being to bat two days and save this game, which they managed to do in brilliant fashion eventually. From where they were in the game, this effort is no less than a win, to bat two days against a top quality bowling attack. They did look like they were in for the chase at one moment but given the conditions, it was wise to go for the draw instead.

Abdullah Shafique, Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan were excellent with the bat not just for the big runs but for the fact that they were brave to not just keep blocking but taking every opportunity to score and showing constant intent which was great to see. There was pressure when Lyon got two quick wickets including the one of Babar and Australia were back on top at that point. They tried all they could but a win wasn't meant to be. Nonetheless, Australia can also be proud of their efforts with both the bat and ball. They were brilliant in the first innings in both aspects that put them ahead in the contest at that point in time. 

Australia could probably have tried a thing or two different towards the end of the final day. However, they can still be pleased of how they have fared in this game. This will particularly come as a huge confidence boost for Pakistan to have pulled off a draw. Batting for two days is some serious effort that has to be appreciated. 

The way this Test has gone, sets up the final game beautifully as we know that both teams are not willing to give up easily and are up for the fight, which is the beauty of Test cricket as well!
Babar Azam (Captain, Pakistan): The plan was simple that we have to bat throughout session by session., We wanted to build partnerships and continue it. The team showed effort and it was great. We had the belief and we stick to that. We had complete focus that we will play how many ever sessions we have to. The way Rizwan played in the end was outstanding as well to save the game. To be honest we did not plan a lot about the chase, we thought that we will play positive. I thought to play for as long as I could as the team needed it from me. 
Pat Cummins (Captain, Australia): The pitch was still pretty good, even day 4 and day 5, I think we created enough chances but just didn't grab them in the end, great five days of test cricket. I thought Mitch Swepson was fantastic on debut, that middle session he could've had three or four. Lyon bowled beautifully on a day 5 chasing a win, just really proud of the efforts to bowl for over two days. Plenty of positives, the way we batted, it was fantastic and the way we hunted those wickets on day 3 when the ball started reversing. Heaps of positives this week, ahead of the game the whole time and it's not always the case given the conditions.
Babar Azam has been adjudged the Player of the match for his splendid match saving inning and helped his team to draw the test match!
Mohammad Rizwan: Obviously batting five sessions against a top team is a big thing. They way Australia put up an effort it was outstanding as well. They kept playing with confidence. Babar and I had planned to go for the chase but it was an old ball and we had to play through. The plan was simple that we have to play five sessions. Abdullah Shafique and Babar played brilliantly. There was pressure but we had to work hard and we did that. Everyone knows that Babar is a top class player and I do not need to say a lot about him. It was not easy to bat two days and Australia always play to win. We will try to play our best in the next game as well. 
That is the game then. Pakistan have fought back incredibly well to pull off a draw after where they were in that first innings. Brilliant batting performance from Shafique, Babar and Rizwan. Australia will be disappointed after having dominated the game and they certainly have missed a trick or two. Nonetheless, it has been an entertaining Test match alright and it sets up the finale perfectly well!
171.4 Mitchell Swepson to Mohammad Rizwan, FOUR! THAT'S IT! Players shake hands, Pakistan cling on to a draw, Australia has been toiled hard for the last couple of days. Remarkable come back by Pakistan to draw this test match. What a riveting final session of play we have had, it had everything but then no body deserved to lose and both the teams settle for a draw in the end. Short and kept low on the middle and leg, goes deep inside the crease and hoicks it past the vacant spaces on the on-side, runs way and picks out the ropes!
171.3 Mitchell Swepson to Mohammad Rizwan, drops it short, turning away sharply as Rizwan on the backfoot defends it into the off-side.
171.2 Mitchell Swepson to Mohammad Rizwan, length delivery on the middle and off, turning away but Rizwan gets a decent stride forward to defend it back to the bowler.
171.1 Mitchell Swepson to Mohammad Rizwan, OH! Length delivery, strays it down the leg-side, Rizwan sweeps but goes straight to leg-slip on the bounce!
Swepson comes back for the final over!
This has been a fabulous knock from Rizwan indeed. Pakistan were in a spot of bother when Lyon picked two quick wickets but he has done really well to bat Pakistan through. Nervy moments as we get to the close of this game. Just an over to go now. A magnificent hundred from Rizwan at a time his side needed it the most and this has been a special innings from a special player. Only the second Pakistan wicket-keeper to score a ton in the fourth innings!
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Nathan Lyon
170.6 Nathan Lyon to Mohammad Rizwan, HUNDRED FOR RIZWAN! Another leading edge into the off-side, all along the ground, goes just wide of mid-off and they scamper through for a single and Rizwan gets to his hundred to play a match saving inning here!
170.5 Nathan Lyon to Mohammad Rizwan, DIRECT-HIT! OH MY! Is Rizwan safe? It's been sent upstairs. Rizwan steps down the track for the good length, gets a leading edge back to Lyon, falls just short and he throws it back on to the striker's end, Rizwan hares back to slide his bat in.

Replays showed that he did well to get back in time and is safe!
Rizwan is just a run away now! 
170.4 Nathan Lyon to Mohammad Rizwan, OH! FOUR MORE! Short and turning into Rizwan on the off-stump, goes on the backfoot and whips it with power, gets it past the silly mid-on and short mid-wicket, runs all the way down to long-on for another boundary. 99 Rizwan now!
170.3 Nathan Lyon to Mohammad Rizwan, drops it short and skids into Rizwan on the off-stump, goes back and across to drop it into the on-side.
Well, we probably know where this game is going. The thing of interest here is, Rizwan is on 95* now!