378/10 & 360/8 (91.6)
231/10 & 261/10 (77)
SL won by 246 runs.
Player of the match: Dhananjaya de Silva
Well, that is all we have from this game and the series then. It has been another exciting set of Test matches in Sri Lanka. Pakistan won the first game and the second one here went down to the wire as well. It seemed difficult for the hosts but they believed and came back to win the game and draw level. That brings us to an end here in Sri Lanka but there is a lot more cricket happening and you'd definitely not want to miss out on all the action so do stay tuned for all that's in store. This has been Pragadeesh and myself (Rishab) as we bid goodbye on behalf of our team. Have a good day folks!
Dimuth Karunaratne: I think someone has to put their hands up and Dhananjaya and Angelo batted well and I thought it was my time to bat and put some pressure on Pakistan so I came out to bat. As a team we have played really well. As a batting unit we all stick together. In patches we could not do much but we came back well. Here also after the Australia series. So we can do it but we need to win all the time. Overall we played good cricket throughout the series. I think before we speak of Prabath I have played with him and I saw his potential and I knew he has some experience and potential. That is why we brought him in. Angelo and myself know each other from school and at that time also he was talented and he matured quickly. He supported me every time and playing 100 Tests is a really good achievement. It is a good career and he can play more. 
Babar Azam: Definitely a tough game for us. Unfortunately our batting was not up to the mark and credited to Jayasuriya and Dhananjaya for his hundred which made the difference. His innings was a big difference so well played to him. We always look at positives. We had a good first match and we will try to continue confidence. We have learnt to play in difficult conditions under pressure. 
Prabath Jayasuriya, Man of the Series: I have worked hard and been pretty patient. It was not easy but we stuck to bowling partnerships and expected wickets to fall and it happened eventually. I have waited for my time and there has been enough support from everyone. 
Dhananjaya de Silva, Man of the Match: It was good. I got a hundred after 13 innings and I am happy with the team performance as well. The guys supported me well and I had good support. I was batting well and in good touch from the start. When a batter is not getting runs they are under pressure but it was okay. Captaincy is a hard-work you have to manage everything and it is a good challenge for me. 
Day 5 - Pakistan 261 (77) Sri Lanka win by 246 runs!

Right then, Sri Lanka maintain their third spot on the ICC Test rankings with an astounding win here in the second Test at Galle. At the close of play on Day 4, it looked like Pakistan would easily play out a draw with nine wickets in hand. However, it all started to go south for them when they first lost Mohammed Rizwan to Jayasuriya, an unfortunate run-out of Fawad Alam and a cluster of wickets thereafter, leaving them five down going into lunch. 

Out of nowhere, Sri Lanka crawled their way back into the contest, giving themselves an opportunity to go on and win after that enthralling opening session today. In their way was the Pakistan skipper, Babar Azam, who was going strong at one end. He did ride his luck quite a few times but it wasn't long before Jayasuriya sent him back. That was pretty much the game for Sri Lanka as they did not waste a lot of time to run through Pakistan's tail. 

The lower order batters showed some good intent alright but Pakistan really seemed to have missed a trick here. With light being an issue, some resilience was all they needed to bat time out. They needed partnerships to help them get to the close and draw the game but they failed to get them. They will sit back, look at this game and think how it turned from a position where they were in a strong situation before they stumbled and collapsed eventually. 

The two spinners for Sri Lanka put up a good show once again. Prabath Jayasuriya carrying his golden run as he picked up another five-wicket haul. He was impressive and well supported by Ramesh Mendis as well, who picked up four wickets from the other end. 

A fine all-round show from the hosts and like they did against Australia, they done it here once again to come back from behind and level the series. They will be pleased with this win where they have come back from a position where it seemed it would be difficult for them to pull off a win, which makes it even special!
Naseem Shah finally gets out and that is that then. Sri Lanka have wrapped this up and made a comeback after being 0-1 down once again. Both their spinners have done really well and this has been a solid performance from them. A huge victory as they win by 246 runs!
261 /10 score
cricket bat icon Nauman Ali
0 (9)
cricket bat icon Naseem Shah *
18 (21)
cricket ball icon Ramesh Mendis
4 /101
76.6 Ramesh Mendis to Naseem Shah, OUT! TAKEN AT DEEP MID-WICKET. Sri Lanka level the series. Flighted delivery around off, Shah miscues the slog sweep and the ball goes straight to Wellalage at deep mid-wicket. A huge roar and a punch of the air by Ramesh Mendis. A comprehensive win for the hosts and the dressing room looks absolutely delighted at the moment
76.5 Ramesh Mendis to Naseem Shah, length delivery turning in, Shah defends it to silly point
76.4 Ramesh Mendis to Naseem Shah, FOUR! Full toss outside off, Shah smacks this to the left of mid-off for a boundary
76.3 Ramesh Mendis to Naseem Shah, length delivery turning in, Naseem tries to defend but gets an inside edge back to the bowler
76.2 Ramesh Mendis to Naseem Shah, comes down the track and tries to heave but didn't get enough contact
76.1 Ramesh Mendis to Naseem Shah, length delivery angling in, Naseem takes a good stride forward and defends it back
Pakistan survive another over here and Naseem Shah hasn't quite gone after the bowling this time around then. How long can this pair hold on for the visitors? Should only be a matter of time for Sri Lanka though!
257 /9 score
cricket bat icon Nauman Ali *
0 (9)
cricket bat icon Naseem Shah
14 (15)
cricket ball icon Prabath Jayasuriya
5 /117
75.6 Prabath Jayasuriya to Nauman Ali, pitched up delivery around off, defended into the off-side
75.5 Prabath Jayasuriya to Nauman Ali, HOW DID IT MISS THE STUMPS? Back of a length delivery turning in from around off, Nauman goes back and tries to defends but the ball beats his inside edge and goes just above the middle stump
75.4 Prabath Jayasuriya to Naseem Shah, length delivery angling in, Shah works this down to the leg side and gets a single
75.3 Prabath Jayasuriya to Naseem Shah, length delivery angling into the right-hander, tucked down to square leg