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How to make a cobblestone generator in Minecraft

In a Nutshell:

To make a cobblestone generator, dig a 1x4 rectangular trench with the second block from the right side being 2 layers deep. Then add water/ice on top of the block to the right and finally add lava on top of the block to the furthest left.

Cobblestone generators are an interesting concept to the game, they are by far most commonly seen in the “Skyblock” gamemode, in which players typically have a very limited amount of starting resources at their disposal.

A cobblestone generator, if built correctly, essentially allows you to spawn an infinite amount of new cobblestone blocks to build with. In typical vanilla Minecraft survival, this will likely prove somewhat useless, however in special ultra low resource based gamemodes (such as skyblock), cobblestone generators are imperative to progression.

It can be difficult for beginners to build a cobblestone generator correctly the first time, this guide however will explain in basic terms how you can build one and will also discuss all of the resources required to do so.

Material Required:

The materials you will need in order to craft a Cobblestone generators are:

  1. 1 Lava bucket
  2. 1 Water bucket

TIP: If you are unsure how to craft a bucket in Minecraft, check out this guide.

Once you have made two buckets, you will need to locate a source of both water and lava, then you must interact with said liquids while holding an empty bucket in order to fill it up.

Water can very easily be found within a few minutes of exploration of the world, it is also typically given to players playing the skyblock gamemode upon spawn.

Water can very easily be found within a few minutes of exploration of the world

Lava buckets are also typically given upon spawn when playing skyblock, however you can check out this guide for some more information as to where to find lava if you are playing vanilla Minecraft.

Lava buckets are also typically given upon spawn when playing skyblock

How to make Cobblestone Generator in Minecraft?

Step-by-Step Guide(with Pictures):

Here is the step-by-step pictorial guide you need to follow to make Cobblestone Generator in minecraft:

Step 1.) Dig a rectangular trench in the exact same fashion as shown below:

Dig a rectangular trench

Step 2.) Add water/ice on top of the block furthest to the right of the trench, as shown below:

TIP: If you are using an ice block instead of a water bucket, make sure to place the ice block down, then break it to spawn water!

Add water or ice on top of the block

Step 3.) Add lava on top of the block furthest left of the trench, as shown below:

Add lava on top of the block

Step 4.) If you have done everything right, a block of cobblestone should automatically spawn, as shown above.

How to use a Cobblestone Generator in Minecraft?

If you have followed the steps in the guide above and have access to a working cobblestone generator, you should be able to simply break the cobblestone block spawned by the colliding water and lava blocks in the middle.

Provided you have built the generator correctly, this cobblestone block should respawn upon being broken indefinitely; meaning you can break the block as many times as you like and a new one will always be spawned.

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Q. How do you build an AFK cobblestone generator farm?

Automatic harvesting farms (AFK farms) can be a lot more complex to assemble than anything covered in this beginner tutorial.

If you’d like to build one however, click here for a build tutorial detailing a great AFK cobblestone generator design.

Q. How many buckets of lava/water do I need to make a cobblestone generator?

Provided you make no mistakes in assembly, you should only need 1 bucket of water and 1 lava bucket to build an effective cobblestone generator.


Cobblestone generators are rarely seen in vanilla Minecraft survival, mainly due to the sheer natural abundance of stone and hence cobblestone within the world. There are literally billions of stone blocks that spawn naturally within any world, making a cobblestone generator pretty useless to say the least.

Resource constraining game modes such as skyblock however is where most players are interested in building cobblestone generators. In these specific game modes, it becomes almost impossible to make any real progress without a working generator assembled in order to consistently provide you with a steady stream of new building blocks.

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