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There are many ways to create and build items in Minecraft. However, some items require a special block to cook them into a more refined state. You can cook many items in a furnace in Minecraft. The furnace can cook your food, smelt your iron, and even provide you with charcoal if you need it.

Smelting is a straightforward method that simply requires fuel and something to cook. Once both are in place, the furnace will begin cooking automatically without any further inputs. There are many items you can smelt in Minecraft, you can even smelt unwanted tools or armor to get a small piece of what you spent on the tool.

Below is the list of items that are smeltable, or can be used as fuel for smelting. A furnace is one of the most used crafting station blocks you will have, so much so that you may create multitudes of them simply to smelt faster.

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