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Peterson sees no end in sight to anthem protests

61   //    02 Oct 2017, 16:30 IST
New Orleans Saints running back Adrian Peterson

New Orleans Saints running back Adrian Peterson does not expect an end to the protests by NFL players during the national anthem, unless there is legitimate change in the United States.

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started the movement last season by kneeling during the anthem to protest what he perceived to be oppression against black people and people of colour.

Numerous NFL players joined him in his protest and the issue was reignited last week following comments by president Donald Trump at a rally in Alabama, where he said those who kneel for the anthem should be fired.

His controversial remarks led to unprecedented numbers of players kneeling last weekend and the Saints continued their form of protest in London, with the team kneeling prior to the anthem before standing.

Asked about how their demonstration came about, Peterson told Omnisport: "Everything just kind of came around fast, this is what we agreed to, taking a knee before and holding up our arms during the national anthem to show people that it's not about disrespecting our country or the military because African Americans as well, we have family that fought in the military, men and women. 

"It's about the injustice that has been taking place, we don't want the message to get blurry or swept under the rug, people talking about how disrespectful it is to the flag when the same sense, our forefathers would be taking a knee as well because it's blatant and it's in your face. It's obvious."

Pressed on if there is an end to the protests in sight, Peterson replied: "No. Until we see change, we will continue to protest.

"Normally good news don't make the news, even with the negativity that's coming with kneeling for the national anthem, it's still being talked about. It's keeping it fresh on people's brains."

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