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Swords in Minecraft

There are many different types of ways to fight in Minecraft. There are ranged weapons like bows, crossbows, and tridents, but there are also ways to fight with melee weapons. There are two choices for melee weapons: an axe or a sword. Axes take longer to swing but do more damage, but swords can recover quickly so you can do swifter and more attacks over time. This article is going to teach you everything there is to know about swords in Minecraft.

Minecraft Sword

Types of Minecraft Swords

In Minecraft, there are six swords. Each sword is considerably easy to get. The sword can be constructed from the most basic material to one of the hardest items to get in the game. You can make these swords in Minecraft:

- Wooden Sword

- Stone Sword

- Gold Sword

- Iron Sword

- Diamond Sword

- Netherite Sword

It may seem like it is difficult to get these swords in Minecraft, but once they are explained properly, it is a lot easier than it seems.

How to Get a Minecraft Sword

The only way to get a Minecraft sword is to craft it. The following section is going to show you how to craft a Minecraft sword. For every sword except for the Netherite sword, you need a crafting table. For the Netherite sword, you will need a Smithing Table.

For more help on creating a crafting table, check out this link.

How to make a sword in Minecraft


Every sword in Minecraft needs one stick to craft, except for the Netherite sword. To craft the wooden sword, all you need is one stick and two wooden planks. It is really easy to get wooden planks and a stick. To get wooden planks, all you need to do is punch a tree and get oak wood. You can then turn one piece of oak wood into four wooden planks in your crafting table.

Wooden Plank in Minecraft

Now that you have gotten your wooden planks, you can place them in the crafting table. Make sure to stack them on top of each other like in the pattern below. This will enable you to craft sticks.

Wooden Stick in Minecraft

The next thing you need to do is take two of those wooden planks and one stick. Go into your crafting table and place them in the following pattern below.

Constructing a wooden sword in Minecraft

Now that you have constructed your wooden sword, every sword in the game besides the Netherite sword has the same exact crafting recipe. The stick stays in the same place, but the material of the sword is different.

The next sword that you can make is a stone sword. To make a stone sword, you need to make a pickaxe. Luckily, you only need a wooden pickaxe to obtain the cobblestone you need for a stone sword. To craft a wooden pickaxe, you need three wooden planks and two sticks. Once you have obtained those materials, you can put them in your crafting table with the following pattern.

Crafting Wooden Pickaxe

You only need two pieces of cobblestone and to get that, you have to mine two pieces of stone in a cave. Caves are lined with stone so it shouldn’t be difficult at all to get stone. The stone in a cave will be any of the gray blocks that you see below.

Minecraft Cave


Now that you have obtained your two pieces of cobblestone by mining the two pieces of stone, all you have to do is craft your sword. You can do this with the following crafting recipe.

Crafting Iron Sword

The next sword on the list is the Iron sword. The iron sword is very easy to make. All you need to do is gather three pieces of cobblestone to craft a stone pickaxe. To craft a stone pickaxe, you can follow the following recipe:

Crafting Stone Pickaxe

Now that you have crafted a stone pickaxe, you need to go into a mine. What you are looking for is two blocks of iron ore. Iron ore can only be mined by a stone pickaxe or any pick above a stone pickaxe. Once you have mined your iron ore, you need to smelt it into an iron ingot. To do this, you need to place it in a furnace.

If you need any help on crafting or using a furnace, you can use this link.

Now that you have your two iron ingots, all you need to do is craft your iron sword. To do this, you can follow the crafting recipe below.

Crafting Iron Sword

The only way to mine gold ore is by using an iron pickaxe. To craft an iron pickaxe all you need to do is obtain three more iron ingots and two sticks. Then you have to place them in your crafting table with the following recipe.

Crafting Iron Pickaxe in Minecraft


Now that you have your iron pickaxe, you can go and get some gold ore and smelt that into gold ingots. You are going to need two gold ingots. Once you have obtained those two gold ingots, you can place them in the following crafting recipe.

Crafting Gold Sword in Minecraft

The next sword that you can craft is the diamond sword. This is the last sword that you are able to create in a crafting table. To make this sword, take that iron pickaxe you made from before and go into your mine. You need to mine for diamond ore. You will need two diamonds so this means that you will need to find two diamond ores. Once you have gathered these two diamonds, grab one of your sticks and put it in the crafting table, and follow the recipe below.

Crafting Diamond Sword in Minecraft

Now that you have crafted your diamond sword, you can create a netherite sword. To create a netherite sword, you need three things. You will need:

- Diamond sword

- Netherite ingot

- Smithing table

If you have been following this guide, you will already have the diamond sword. To get a netherite ingot, you need to go to the Nether. In the Nether, you need to find four pieces of ancient debris. Ancient debris will look like the picture below.

Ancient Debris in Minecraft

Once you have found the ancient debris, you need to smelt it. This will create netherite scrap, but you need four of these. Once you have obtained four pieces of netherite scrap, you need to get four gold ingots and place them in your crafting table and follow the recipe below.

netherite ingot in minecraft


Now that you have your one netherite ingot, you need to create a smithing table. To craft a smithing table, all you need to do is get four wooden planks and two iron ingots. One you have obtained those six items, you are going to want to create the smithing table in your crafting table while following the recipe below.

Recipe to craft a smithing table in minecraft

Now that you have created your smithing table, the UI of it is very easy to follow. Right-click your smithing table and you will find two boxes.

Upgrade gear in Minecraft

The box on the right has the outline of an ingot. This is where you are going to put your netherite ingot. The box on the left is empty and this is where you will place your tool or in this case your sword. Once you have done that, you will have the option to construct your netherite sword.

Crafting a netherite sword in Minecraft

Congratulations. Now you have crafted all of your swords. Now let’s learn how to use them.

How to Use a sword in Minecraft

Using a sword is very easy in Minecraft. All you need to do is left-click. As of the Minecraft patch 1.8, you could just left-click as many times as you would like and it would swing your sword at maximum efficiency. Now, there is a charge time. Because of this charge time, just swinging the sword as much as you want will only do half a heart or so of damage. What you want to do is wait for a second and then swing your sword again. This will give the maximum damage from your sword.



In Minecraft, there are three achievements that have to do with swords. The first one is Time to Strike. This achievement is completed by simply crafting your first sword. The second achievement is Overkill. This achievement is completed by dealing nine hearts of damage in one swing. This is only achievable with enchantments. The third achievement is Oooh, Shiny! This achievement is completed by distracting a Piglin using gold. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a golden sword, but a golden sword does work.


In Minecraft, there is only once advancement that carried over. This advancement is called Oh Shiny. The Ooh Shiny achievement and the Oh Shiny advancement are one and the same. They both require you to distract a Piglin with gold, and a golden sword works in this scenario.


What is the best sword in Minecraft?

The best sword in Minecraft is the Netherite sword dealing eight attack damage in one swing.

What are the best enchantments for a sword in Minecraft?

The best enchantment for the sword would be the Sharpness enchantment, as it has the most versatility when placed on a sword.

How many enchantments can a sword have in Minecraft?

There are currently 10 enchantments for a sword:

- Bane of Arthropods

- Curse of Vanishing

- Fire Aspect

- Knockback

- Looting

- Mending

- Sharpness

- Smite

- Sweeping Edge

- Unbreaking

Is knockback good on a sword?

Knockback can be good on a sword. Two good scenarios for knockback would be killing a mob by hitting them off of a cliff or killing a creeper.

How do you repair a sword in Minecraft?

Repairing a sword is very easy in Minecraft. To do this, all you need to do is place the sword in an anvil on the left-most available slot, and then place the material of which you used to craft the sword in the middle slot. This will give you a repaired sword in the right-most slot.



Swords are great weapons to use in Minecraft. They can help save you in times of need and they help you if you want to go head to head with any mob in the game. Just make sure you don’t get too close, and watch your healthbar!

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