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Curse of Binding

There are two curses in Minecraft, curse of binding and curse of vanishing. Of these two, curse of binding is more tame and serves as more of an annoyance than anything else. Curse of binding exists to create some creative applications for armor in adventure mode, and cause difficult decisions for those playing in the hardcore difficulty. There are some quirks that the curse of binding has with specific rules in Minecraft.

Enchanted Books

What Does Curse of Binding do in Minecraft?

Curse of binding will only be found on armor pieces or enchanted books. What it does is prevents the player from removing the armor once they have it equipped. The only way to remove it is to die. This can cause complications for players in hardcore difficulty as they cannot remove pieces of armor once they have it equipped. This interaction makes picking a helmet and chestplate more difficult as equipping a curse of binding chestplate or helmet would prevent the player from ever equipping Elytra or a turtle shell in a hardcore world. The only way for a hardcore player to remove their armor is to run the durability out.


If the player dies with a curse of binding armor piece equipped, the armor will drop. However, if the world rules have been changed so that “Keep Inventory - True” is enabled the player will respawn wearing the curse of binding armor. The curse of binding has its best utilizations in creative adventure modes where, for example, the player has to have armor or Elytra equipped to complete it. Curse of binding ensures that their armor piece will follow them even through death.

How to get a Curse of Binding in Minecraft

Curse of binding is a “treasure enchantment” meaning it will only be found in chest loot and fishing drops. In the Java edition you can find a curse of binding armor pieces from villager trades. Finding a diamond armor piece with a curse of binding is troublesome as if you want to wear it before fully upgrading, it essentially prevents you from upgrading it unless you choose to die.

If you want to ensure you have the best armor on at all times, upgrade the armor piece into netherite, enchant it with every enchantment you want before you decide to wear it. You will want to wear armor most of the time anyways so ensuring the piece is as perfect as you want it to be before equipping it will essentially remove the annoyance of having a curse of binding.

How to remove Curse of Binding in Minecraft

In survival Minecraft, a curse of binding cannot be removed. A grindstone will remove every enchantment except for curses. You can remove the curse of binding from mob heads or carved pumpkins by placing them and then breaking them. They will drop as a regular mob head or carved pumpkin. If you are in creative mode you can remove the armor piece normally, but the item will still retain its curse.



With the world rules set to “Keep Inventory - True” you can create a world where the player has to wear a pumpkin head to have reduced vision even if they die.

You can enchant mob heads or carved pumpkins with curse of binding to grant it the enchantment glow. Unfortunately, this glow is not retained upon placing, but you can place it in an item frame or on an armor stand to have a glowing mob head or carved pumpkin.


What happens if you die with a Curse of Binding in Minecraft?

You will drop all of your items like normal, even the cursed item. This is one way to unequip a curse of binding armor item, but the item will still have its curse upon pickup. If the world rules have been changed so that you keep your inventory on death, the curse of binding armor piece will still be equipped on your player even after respawning.

Does Curse of Binding work on Weapons?

You cannot naturally enchant weapons with the curse of binding. Even if you enchant a weapon through commands with curse of binding you can still remove it like normal. The curse only applies to items you can wear.

Can you get Curse of Binding from Villagers?

In the Java edition of Minecraft, some villagers trade items may contain a curse of binding. It is unfortunate to find, but if it is for a piece of armor you will not be removing, the curse of binding does not affect you very much.

What does Curse of Binding do on a Sword?


A sword with curse of binding does not prevent the player from switching off of the sword or removing it from their inventory. Curse of binding only affects items that the player can wear.

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