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Minecraft Enchantments

Enchantments are special effects that Minecraft players can add to their tools and items allowing them to be more efficient and effective. There are a variety of enchantments, each suited for a unique purpose. Items and armor can be enchanted via the enchanting table, which can be simply built by 4 obsidian, two diamonds, and one book. To enchant an item, players need lapis lazuli and EXP points.

Enchanting in Minecraft is a game mechanism that players can utilize to their advantage in order to apply powerful effects not normally found on specific tools by default, these effects are called “enchantments”.

There are a variety of different enchantments, which leverage different abilities. Some enchantments are generally considered more desirable than others. Enchantments are typically applied on items through the usage of a special block called an enchantment table.

Minecraft Enchantment

Minecraft Enchantments List

Below is a list of all Minecraft enchantments, detailing their effects, the tools they can be applied on and the maximum level the specific enchantment can reach.

Enchantment NameApplied ItemMax levelDescription
Aqua AffinityHelmet1Allows players to mine faster underwater.
Bane of ArthropodsSword and Axe5Increases damage dealt to spiders.
Blast ProtectionAll Armor4Decreases damage taken from explosions.
ChannelingTrident1Spawns lightning bolt when thrown at a mob. Only works when there is a thunderstorm.
Curse of BindingEverything1When worn, it cannot be taken off until the player dies or the item breaks.
Curse of VanishingEverything1Item disappears forever upon death.
Depth StriderBoots3Allows the player to swim faster.
EfficiencyAll tools5Tools do their job faster.
Feather FallingBoots4Player takes reduced damage from a fall.
Fire AspectSword2Lights the target on fire when hit.
FlameBow1Lights the target on fire when shot.
FortunePickaxe, Shovel and Axe3Increases the item drops of blocks broken with the tool.
Fire ProtectionAll Armor4Player takes less fire damage while wearing.
Frost WalkerBoots2Turns water beneath the player into ice.
ImpalingTrident5Ocean based mobs are dealt more damage.
InfinityBow1Allows infinite arrows to be used, no arrows are consumed when the bow is fired.
KnockbackSword2Knocks the target back further when hit.
LootingSword3Loot drops from mobs are increased.
LoyaltyTrident3Trident returns to the player after being thrown.
Luck of the SeaFishing rod3Better fishing luck. Meaning more chance to catch fish.
LureFishing rod3Fishing is sped up. Less waiting is required to catch something.
MendingEverything1Experience gained is automatically spent on repairing the item with the mending enchantment.
MultishotCrossbow1Fire three arrows at once.
PiercingCrossbow4Arrows can pass through more than one target.
PowerBow5Bow shot deals more damage to the target.
Projectile ProtectionArmor4Player takes less damage when hit by projectiles.
ProtectionArmor4Most types of damage are reduced.
PunchBow2Bow shots knock targets back to a greater extent.
Quick ChargeCrossbow3Crossbow is reloaded faster.
RespirationHelmet3Player can swim underwater for longer without needing air.
RiptideTrident3Player travels with their trident when thrown. Only works in rain or underwater.
SharpnessSword and Axe5Extra damage is dealt to targets on impact.
Silk TouchPickaxe, Shovel and Axe1Upon breaking blocks, the mined block itself drops instead of its regular dropped item.
SmiteSword5More damage is dealt to undead mobs when hit.
Sweeping EdgeSword3Sweeping attacks deal more damage.
ThornsAll Armor3Those hitting the player directly are also damaged. Also reduces durability of the armor piece that it’s applied on.
UnbreakingEverything3Increases item durability.

Minecraft Enchanting Guide

In a Nutshell: Place the item you want to enchant alongside 3 lapis lazuli in an enchanting table to access level 1, 2, or 3 enchantments. The higher the level requirement, the better enchantments you can get overall.

Enchanting in Minecraft is typically done through the usage of an enchantment table or an anvil. For simplicity in this section, only the enchantment table method will be discussed as it’s the most commonly used.

Players can craft enchantment tables themselves with a crafting table and place them down normally for usage like any other block. The enchantment table menu is accessed in a similar fashion to a regular crafting table or any other interactive block in the game.

The enchantment table menu consists of two slots, one slot is for the player to place the desired tool or armor piece they would like to use for enchantment and the other slot is for lapis lazuli. A piece of lapis lazuli is required to be used up for enchanting anything in Minecraft.

After the player has input lapis lazuli and their desired tool or armor piece to be enchanted; the menu will update and three enchantments will show up on the right-hand side. These vary in quality with the bottom enchantment typically being the best.

Every enchantment will cost the player EXP levels, the exact cost can be seen on the right-hand side of the enchantment label. The bottom enchantment in the list of the three will typically be the most expensive, but most powerful enchantment.

More powerful enchantments can be obtained by surrounding the enchantment table with bookshelves. A total of 15 bookshelves are needed to be placed around the enchantment table in order for the player to have a chance to be granted maximum level enchantments.

Guide for Minecraft Enchantment

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Enchanting Table

How to build a Minecraft Enchanting Table?

An enchanting table can be assembled very easily. All that is required is 4 obsidian, two diamonds and one book. The image below shows the exact recipe.

Minecraft Enchantment Table

How do I use an Enchantment Table?

To use the enchantment table, simply craft it following the guide shown above then place the block down on the ground. The enchantment menu can be accessed via interacting with the enchantment table block. Steps to understand how this enchantment menu functions can be found in the above section.

Minecraft Enchantment Table Language

An interesting and somewhat useless lore fact in Minecraft is that the enchantment texts in the enchantment menu are actually real words ciphered in a language called “standard galactic language”. The words are randomized and mean nothing related to the actual enchantment, but an interesting and humorous fact nonetheless. Below is an image detailing the translation of the language.

Minecraft Enchantment Table Language

Best Enchantments In Minecraft

This is a topic in which all comes down to personal preference and the tool in question. It can be hotly debated what enchantments in the game are better than others. It’s like comparing apples and oranges due to the fact most have strong situational advantages in their own right.

In general, however, it’s agreed the most powerful and sought-after enchantments in the game include Protection IV, Unbreaking III, Sharpness V, Fire Aspect II, Power I, Infinity I and Fortune III.

As mentioned, however, this is not a conclusive list and it’s simply impossible to state the definitive absolute “best” enchantments as they all have their own uses. The above list just highlights some of the most commonly preferred enchantments in a general sense.

Minecraft Trident Enchantments

Specific enchantments for Tridents in Minecraft include Channeling, Impaling, Loyalty, and Riptide.

More detail on the specific effects of these enchantments can be found in the table listed above.

Image via AA12

Minecraft Sword Enchantments

Specific enchantments for Swords in Minecraft include Fire Aspect, Sharpness, Bane of Arthropods, Smite, Knockback, Sweeping Edge, and Looting.

More detail on the specific effects of these enchantments can be found in the table listed above.

Image via Reddit

Minecraft Bow Enchantments

Specific enchantments for Bows in Minecraft include Power, Punch, Flame, and Infinity.

More detail on the specific effects of these enchantments can be found in the table listed above.

Image via Reddit

Minecraft Pickaxe Enchantments

Specific enchantments for Pickaxes in Minecraft include Silk Touch, Efficiency, and Fortune.

More detail on the specific effects of these enchantments can be found in the table listed above.

Image via Reddit

Disenchanting In Minecraft

Items can be disenchanted in Minecraft, meaning all their current enchantments will be removed. This can be done via the usage of a grindstone. All the player needs to do is place the enchanted item inside the grindstone menu and the item will become disenchanted automatically.

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FAQs on Minecraft Enchantments

Q. How many enchantments can an item have in Minecraft?

A. This completely depends on the item type and the type of enchantments in question. Some enchantments are incompatible with each other, such as silk touch and fortune on a pickaxe. Currently, however, all compatible enchantments can be placed on any item without any limit through the use of an anvil, provided the player has enough EXP to do so of course.

Q. What are the best enchantments for a diamond sword?

A. Again, this depends on what the purpose is. In general, however, the best enchantments for a sword would be sharpness V, fire aspect II, knockback II, looting III, and smite V. Most players would agree with this, however, some might have a different personal preference.

Q. How do I get better enchantments?

A. Better enchantments can be obtained by surrounding an enchantment table with bookshelves. The more bookshelves the enchantment table is surrounded by, the better the enchantments it will offer the player. This effect goes on until the enchantment table has a maximum of 15 books placed around it, in which maximum level enchantments will be awarded.

Q. How many bookshelves do you need for an enchantment table?

A. None. Bookshelves only increase the power of the enchantments the table will offer. Players can use enchantment tables perfectly fine with 0 bookshelves surrounding it, although the enchantments awarded will be weak. In order to ensure maximum level enchantments, a minimum of 15 bookshelves must surround the enchantment table.

Q. How do I use an enchantment book?

Enchantment books can be applied to an item through the usage of an anvil. Simply place the enchanted book and the item desired to be enchanted inside the anvil menu and press combine. This will cost EXP points to do and will slightly damage the anvil upon usage.

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