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Matthew Stafford is a quarterback who is currently playing for the 2022 Super Bowl winners Los Angeles Rams. Stafford was drafted in the NFL by the Detroit Lions in the 2009 NFL Draft and stayed with the franchise till 2020. He was traded to the Los Angeles Rams in 2021. He won the Super Bowl (LVI) with the Los Angeles Rams in 2022. In March, 2022 Matthew Stafford signed a four-year contract extension with the Rams worth $160 million. In 2017 Stafford had been the highest paid player in the NFL. As per Forbes, in 2022 he is the world’s 13th highest paid athlete.

Matthew Stafford Contract Breakdown

Here is a breakdown of Matthew Stafford’s current contract with the Los Angeles Rams :

YearSigningAverage SalaryGuaranteed at SigningTotal GTD
4 yr(s) / $160,000,000$60,000,000$40,000,000$63,000,000$130,000,000

YearBase SalarySigningCap HitDead CapYearly Cash
Potential Out: 2026, 4 yr, $152,000,000; $12,000,000 dead cap

How much is Matthew Stafford getting paid?

Matthew Stafford’s contract pays him around $40 million annually. By the end of his 4-year contract he is set to earn $160 million. If Matthew Stafford extends his contract by one more year, he has the potential to earn a total of $122 million by the end of the contract.

In 2022 Stafford is going to earn a base salary of $1.5 million. He also earned a signing bonus of $60 million upon signing the contract extension. In 2022 his contract carries a cap hit of $13.5 million and a dead cap value of $63 million.

How much does Matthew Stafford make in a minute?

As per his contract Matthew Stafford is earning approximately $76.1 per minute.

What are the terms of Matthew Stafford’s Contract?

Matthew Stafford is signed to a four-year contract with the Los Angeles Rams which is worth $160 million and keeps him with the franchise till 2025. The Rams have the option to either extend for one more year or terminate the contract after the 2025 NFL season.

He received his 2022 and 2023 salary as a guaranteed bonus when he signed the contract. He is earning $1.5 million as the base salary. In 2024 Stafford will receive a base salary of $31 million. In 2025 he is set to receive a base salary of $27 million.

The contract also includes an option bonus of $6.5 million from 2023 onwards. The contract also includes a roster bonus of $5 million in 2025.

  • $63M guaranteed at signing (signing bonus + 2022 salary + 2023 salary)

  • Another $57M fully guarantees March 2023 (2023 option bonus, 2024 salary)

  • 2023 Option Bonus: $26M (guarantees March 2023)

  • 2024 salary fully guarantees in March 2023

  • $10M of 2025 salary fully guarantees in March 2024

  • 2025 Roster Bonus: $5M (3rd league day of 2025)

  • 2026 Roster Bonus: $5M (3rd league day of 2026)

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How much of Matthew Stafford’s contract is guaranteed?

Matthew Stafford is guaranteed to earn $130 million from his contract regardless of whether he can remain fit to play or stays with the franchise or not. Stafford received $63 million of the guaranteed amount at the time of signing the contract.

Matthew Stafford Contract History

YearTeamSigningAverage SalaryGuaranteed at SigningTotal GTD
5 yr(s) / $135,000,000
Detroit Lions$50,000,000$27,000,000$60,500,000$92,000,000
3 yr(s) / $53,000,000
Detroit Lions$27,500,000$17,666,667$33,500,000$41,500,000
6 yr(s) / $72,000,000
Detroit Lions-$12,000,000$48,400,000$48,400,000

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