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Half of all of Minecraft is crafting, it says so right in the name! These are not recipes for cooking, but rather crafting. There are hundreds, or even thousands of potential recipes to craft. Some different recipes can even yield the same result or utilize different crafting stations. Minecraft recipes focus on what you can get out of a Crafting Table or Workbench.

While the Crafting Table is a necessity for a large majority of these recipes, if the crafting recipe is small enough, the player can craft right from their own inventory. If you want to survive your first night in Minecraft, you will need to familiarize yourself with many of these crafting recipes. Some blocks may require special crafting stations, but they will be listed as such in each article.

Below is a list of every crafting recipe in the game. Essentially if you can craft it, you can find it listed down below. From the most advanced redstone blocks to the humble torch, you can learn about how to craft anything in Minecraft.

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