“Dray absorbing all of that stuff allows Klay and Steph to stay a little bit more under the radar” - NBA analyst says Draymond Green takes the pressure off Steph Curry, says Steph likes to share the limelight

Dallas Mavericks v Golden State Warriors - Game Five
Dallas Mavericks v Golden State Warriors - Game Five

The trio of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green have turned the Golden State Warriors franchise into one of the NBA's great dynasties.

Curry's humble approach to life has given Green a chance to be himself whenever he wants to.

In every big three, each player has their role. Usually, there's the scorer, the secondary scorer and the guy who makes it all work. Green is the third guy. The four-time All-Star has shown to be the brains of the team throughout their run as the Warriors' Big Three. His basketball IQ and defensive intensity allows the Splash Brothers to focus on one thing: shooting the ball.


If that isn't enough, Green also gives his co-stars a chance to continue their modest lifestyles. Off the court, the 2016-17 Defensive Player of the Year winner is known to be a part of the "new media." His microphone skills are up to par with his on-court tenacity.

"Steph Curry does not want the limelight alone," radio host Matt Steinmetz said about the dynamic of Gren with the Splash Brothers. "He wants to share the limelight. ... Who isn't afraid of the limelight all by himself? Draymond Green."

Steinmetz ended with this:

"Dray absorbing all of that stuff allows Klay and Steph to stay a little bit more under the radar than most superstars."
"Stephen Curry wants to share the limelight.""Can we call Dray Steph's big brother?"What @SteinmetzNBA & @DDDGURU took away from Curry & Draymond at the ESPYs.

When he's not playing basketball, Green is still in the spotlight. Sometimes, he's releasing new episodes of his podcast. Other times, he's doing courtside reporting for TNT.

During the last All-Star game, Green interviewed some of his fellow All-Stars on the sidelines.

The four-time NBA champ seems to have mastered his mic skills. Even as a guest on JJ Redick's podcast, "The Old Man & The Three," Green wasn't afraid to say things that made headlines. It's obvious he loves the limelight and is not afraid to show it.

Draymond Green has stayed true to himself, and it made fans love him more

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green
Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green

Nobody wants a fake star, which is why Draymond Green isn't shy in showing what his true personality is. Oftentimes, he makes headlines because of what he says, but that's Green being honest with himself and to his fans.

Even his former teammates aren't safe. Green remembers things that other players and former co-stars have said about him and his team. During their recent title run, former Warriors star Kevin Durant made comments about the Game 1 results where the Warriors lost to the Boston Celtics.

High level of basketball being displayed gentlemen

After the Warriors won their fourth ring, Green wasted no time in throwing shade at the 12-time All-Star.

Extremely high level of basketball was displayed

Green knows how to rile up fanbases and doesn't forget about who's with them and who's against their team. His true personality is what most fans love about him, and he doesn't hold back.

Green and the Warriors are looking forward to another title run after winning their fourth last month.

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