Pumpkin Farm Minecraft


Are you in survival mode and feeling down on your luck with how much pumpkin you’re growing? Would you like to drastically increase the amount that you can grow as well as increase the rate of which you can grow? If that’s the case then you’re in luck with this article. It is here that we shall go over the design of Minecraft Youtuber NaMiature to figure out how you can create your own automatic pumpkin farm and how best to use it to your advantage.

Materials needed

You are going to need a wide range of different materials to help build this contraption, and a good deal of these items will be late game items. With that in mind, it is best to wait until you progress in the survival mode of your world before you make this farm unless you are playing in creative mode. Here are the following of what you will need.

  1. 1 water bucket
  2. Hoppers
  3. 5 Glowstones
  4. 1 Hopper Minecart
  5. Pistons
  6. 2 Observers
  7. Pumpkin Seeds
  8. Daylight Sensors
  9. Redstone dust
  10. Powered Rails
  11. Rails
  12. Large number of any type of Solid blocks
  13. Large number of glass
  14. Sand blocks

Now that you have the list of what you are going to have to work with, it is time to put it all together while you follow the step by step process of how to build this particular automatic farm.

How to build Pumpkin farm

Step 1

First you are going to need to set the scene. Make a 9x10 hole that is 2 blocks deep. 

How to build pumpkin farm in Minecraft

It’s highly recommended you do this in a biome where there is dirt. Then create a small extension near one of your new walls to then make a 3 block deep hole that is two blocks wide. It’s here that you will place a double chest with hoppers in front to act as your collection zone.

Step 2

Next you're going to build a two block deep trench one block in front of your chest. 

How to build pumpkin farm in Minecraft

After that you will fill this trench with redlight torches and then cover the trench with sand blocks. Repeat this process for the other side so that both will mirror each other.

How to build pumpkin farm in Minecraft

Step 3

Next you will place rails over your hoppers and then extend it until it covers the entire hole like in the picture below. You will take care to put powered rails over your sand blocks so that they are powered by the redlight torches below the sand blocks.

How to build pumpkin farm in Minecraft

 After that you will cover the entire surface of your rail covered hole with dirt blocks, but leave an opening near where your chest collector is. You will need this opening to place your Hopper Minecart which should start moving on account of your powered rails. After that, place white blocks on the edges of your growing farm so that it acts as a border for your work.

How to build pumpkin farm in Minecraft

Step 4

Now you will want to find the center of your construction with the top covered up as you will then destroy the center most block and put within it a stair block. Pour some water on the stair block and then cover both up with a glowstone. 

How to build pumpkin farm in Minecraft

Then proceed to place Glowstones near all four corners of your budding farm.

How to build pumpkin farm in Minecraft

Step 5

Next you will get a hoe and use it to make fertile ground with the dirt blocks acting as your roof of sorts. Do this in a checkerboard formation while starting at the corners. 

How to build pumpkin farm in Minecraft

You will see later on why this needs to be the case. Before you consider that however, place your pumpkin seeds into your farming tiles and then move on to the next step.

Step 6

Then create an elevation of two blocks from the top of your centermost glowstone and from there create a roof using solid blocks of your choosing. 

How to build pumpkin farm in Minecraft

After that you will go under your new roof to place upside down pistons that will be above the dirt blocks that are not holding the seeds. Then cover the center of your automatic farm with glass so that you can observe what is going on.

Step 7

Nearing the end, we are now going to cover the entirety of the roof of your contraption with redstone dust. 

How to build pumpkin farm in Minecraft

Then place two floating blocks above your roof with two sensors on top. One needs to be daylight while the other will set on night mode.

How to build pumpkin farm in Minecraft

 Break the blocks these sensors are set upon and put observers underneath them instead afterward. After that your automatic farm should be up and running at optimal capacity. 


As you can see from the description, this is going to be a resource intensive farm that will require a great deal of patience in order to create in a timely manner. If you do manage to gather what you need however, you will never find yourself short on pumpkin seeds ever again. With that in mind take care to follow this model to the letter and success with automatic farming should be right around the corner. 

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