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Mending in Minecraft

There are many enchantments in Minecraft, but easily one of the best enchantments is Mending. Mending will essentially make your tools and armor infinite as it repairs the items whenever you gain experience. Since experience is really only used for enchanting, once you have enchanted items you want to keep their durabilities high. It is a good tradeoff to spend experience for keeping your end-game tools and armor fully durable.


Enchantable ItemsHelmets, Chestplates, Leggings, Boots, Pickaxes, Shovels, Axes, Swords, Hoes, Fishing Rods, Shears, Flint and Steel, Carrot on a Stick, Warped Fungus on a Stick, Shields, Elytra, Trident, Turtle Shell, Crossbow 
Enchantment Weight

Enchantment books in Minecraft

How to Get?

Mending is a treasure enchantment meaning it cannot be found in enchantment tables ever, and can only be found from chest loot, fishing drops, trading, and raid drops. It is a very exclusive enchantment because it makes your items last indefinitely.

The easiest and most reliable way to obtain mending is to cure a villager and assign him the librarian profession. Trap a zombie villager and cure him with a splash potion of weakness and a golden apple.

Library in Minecraft

Hit him with the weakness effect and ensure he has the particles flying off of him before feeding him a golden apple. After feeding him the golden apple you should hear a static sound effect and after a few moments he will transform into a regular villager.

Making a villager Librarian


He may already have a profession, but you can change it by placing the lectern nearby his bed. After changing his profession take a look into his trade inventory.

Librarian Menu in Minecraft

As you can see he will sometimes sell an enchanted book at level one profession. Keep breaking his lectern, wait for his profession to go away and replace the lectern to swap his inventory. Do not trade with him until you get the enchanted book you want. After swapping out his lectern enough you should see the enchanted book you are looking for.

Librarian Menu in Minecraft

This is a great way to farm the enchanted books you need for your gear. However, once you trade with them their profession becomes locked and you will need to cure a different zombie villager to continue doing this. It may cost emeralds, but this villager in particular is trading emeralds for paper. You can earn as many enchanted books or emeralds as you want with this method. Eventually the trade will become locked, but wait an in-game day or two and his stock will refresh.

How to Use?

Once you have successfully acquired mending you can use an anvil to combine it into an item.

Repair Menu

If you happen to find it on a weapon, tool, or armor piece you can use the anvil to combine the two.

Repair Menu

Play around with the ordering in the anvil to ensure that you spend the least amount of levels.


Once your item is enchanted with mending any experience orbs you pick up with the item selected in your hotbar, or equipped as armor will go into the durability of that item. If you have your sword selected, the sword’s durability will heal as you pick up experience orbs. If you have mending on your armor, any experience you pick up will go to healing your armor.

Tips for Mending in Minecraft?

Mending goes hand in hand with Unbreaking as unbreaking keeps the item from breaking sooner. With an experience grinder, mending can keep your tools, weapons, and armor fully durable. The amount of trips you take to the experience grinder can be shortened with the Unbreaking enchantment.

Try to build a zombie villager containment soon. Hit them with splash potions of weakness and maintain a decent supply of apples. Keeping a group of librarians around with different enchanted books can cut the amount of time you spend fully upgrading your gear by a lot.


What is the best thing to put on Mending in Minecraft?

Your favorite pickaxe is probably a good call. Anything and everything you can put Mending on is a good decision to make, but prioritize the tools, weapons, and armor you use the most. I prefer to put mending on my armor pieces as they are more expensive to make than tools. Next would involve my pickaxe as pickaxes will tend to pick up experience simply from mining ore.

Does Mending last forever?

Mending does not go away unless you disenchant it yourself or if the item breaks. The latter is difficult and requires the player to neglect their items a lot, as long as you are paying attention to your durability bars and keeping experience flowing into your items, mending will last forever.

What is the easiest way to get Mending in Minecraft?


Get a librarian profession villager and reset its profession until the first level trade offers mending books. This is by far the most consistent way to gain mending for all of your tools.

Does Mending take away XP?

Mending uses experience you pick up to repair tools and weapons you have equipped and armor you have equipped. You can still gain experience for leveling by unequipping your armor, or if the durability bars are full it goes into your level bar anyways.

Is Mending better than Unbreaking?

Mending is better than unbreaking on any tool, weapon, or armor except bows. Bows will want infinity and mending conflicts with infinity. Unbreaking may increase the durability double, triple, or even quadruple, but that does not really compare with indefinite.

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