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After a while of playing Vanilla Minecraft, players sometimes need something to spice up their gameplay.

Mods made by the Minecraft community are the best way to reinvigorate players and make them feel excited for a game they already know inside out. Mods add so many new aspects to Minecraft, including different biomes, mobs, generated structures, and even dimensions. Hence, there is an infinite amount of things to explore and discover.

Here are some interesting mods for different Minecraft versions to bring something new and exciting for players to explore. With so many mod creators out there, there are thousands upon thousands of mods to discover and experiment with. These are just some of the weirdest ones released so far that gamers can use to enhance their game.

Five weirdest Minecraft Mods

#5 - Lucky Beans Mod

Image via CurseForgeImage via CurseForge

Download here

Lucky Beans is a mod made by Jackyy on CurseForge for update 1.12.2. Although small, it is really fun to play.

It is kind of like a smaller, more random version of the ever-so-popular Lucky Blocks mod. This mod adds beans into the game that can be harvested from trees, which gives players different effects. There are sixteen different colored beans and over twenty effects to receive from them. It makes new mysterious bean trees spawn around a player's world, and each tree grows these interesting beans!

This mod basically brings Harry Potter's 'Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans' into Minecraft, and players definitely love it. Although it doesn't change too much about the Vanilla style of gameplay on its own, paired with some of the other mods listed below, Lucky Beans can make a really crazy and super fun modpack!

#4 - Erebus Dimension Mod

Image via CurseForgeImage via CurseForge

Download here

The Erebus Mod is crazy, and something Minecraft players should check out if they want a challenging new dimension to explore. This dimension is accessible quite early in the game. It only requires a few smooth stone blocks and some minor items to make the portal.

The inside of the Erebus is entirely playable, with different blocks to fill every required block for playing the game to completion. Technically, if players want a challenging game, they can go to the Erebus straight away and try their best to live there altogether.

This mod is expansive, and the developers worked hard to put it together. It's worth checking out, especially when looking for something tricky to accomplish. Erebus is out for the Forge, 1.7, and 1.12 updates.

#3 - Tellytubbies Mod

Image via 9minecraftImage via 9minecraft

Download here

The Tellytubbies Mod is, to every extent, weird. It is slightly nightmarish but strangely intriguing, and a great mod to add to Minecraft worlds that are already edging on the bizarre side.

This mod adds new mobs to the game, including the Tellytubbies, their hoover friend, and more. Players can kill these mobs for different loots, which makes various blocks and tools with varying importance. At night, zombified Tellytubbies even spawn and try to kill players. It even implements vehicles into the game, which is fun to mess around with.

There's a lot to unpack with this mod, and it's something to download, even just to try it out for a moment or so. The concept is really odd, but the developer's actual additions make playing Minecraft version 1.16.4 a lot more entertaining. It's something to try out if given a chance.

#2 - Girlfriend Mod/Orespawn

Image via TheyCallMeDangerImage via TheyCallMeDanger

Download here

Although this mod isn't just about the girlfriend/boyfriend aspect it adds to Minecraft, that is definitely it's wackiest part. When this mod gets added to the game, different 'girlfriends' and 'boyfriends' will spawn around the world for players to interact with. They act like a tameable mob, similar to wolves and cats in vanilla Minecraft, and have tons of uses.

These partners will follow players around and help them fight! If not given a weapon, the women will throw shoes, and the men will throw game controllers. Although these new weapons do have a pretty lovely strength to them, players can also give their girlfriend or boyfriend a sword to fight with! They attack creepers without setting them off and fight zombies, skeletons, and many more mobs.

This Minecraft mod has so much to offer; boyfriends and girlfriends are not its only aspect, but definitely the strangest! Either way, the Orespawn mod by TheyCallMeDanger is a brilliant mod for any player wanting to enhance their gameplay.

#1 - No Cubes Mod

Image via CadibooImage via Cadiboo

Download here

Mods come in different variants, but almost all of them are consistent in one aspect: they maintain the vanilla Minecraft look and feel. Objects and items are always cubic, the horizon is always a straight line, and everything keeps its usual Minecraft blockiness.

This mod changes all of that and makes players question if they're even playing the same game. Although all the game's textures are the same, blocks are rounded off, and horizons are smooth and rounded.

This mod truly changes how players experience the game. It's crazy, weird, and extremely cursed looking. It makes the game 10x harder to complete, as it's difficult to tell which block is being hit directly, and it disorients the player frequently.

The developers have been working on it for ages, and each update brings even more craziness to the landscape. It can currently be downloaded for update 1.12 and up, so there are various updates players can choose to experience this mod through.

This mod is not for the faint of heart, but anyone looking for a new challenge when it comes to Minecraft can try it out.

Necessary Minecraft Mods

These mods range from enhancing the visual experience of the game, to simply solving little troubles between installing dozens of mods. Nevertheless, they can vastly improve your experience playing Minecraft and can help save you time.

#3. Optifine

Optifine is one of the most timeless mods in Minecraft as it enables the use of shaders and gives players a functional zoom button that is bound to the “C” key by default. If you are interested in the beauty and graphical capabilities of Minecraft, you will need to begin with Optifine.

Image via Reddit

#2: Not Enough Items

If you are concerned about learning everything new in a mod, you should consider utilizing “Not Enough Items”. This mod helps you learn new recipes, keeps things organized and shows you the crafting recipe for many other mods. This works for almost any installed mod.

Image via Minecraft Forum

#1: Inventory Tweaks Renewed

While this mod lacks in terms of gameplay content, it solves every annoyance a player can experience with their inventory. Broken tools get replaced in the hotbar, stacks of blocks automatically refill themselves while you are building and it even comes with an auto-sort feature.

Image via Reddit

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