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Minecraft Horse

In the mid-game of Minecraft, you may wish you could traverse the lands faster. While you are out exploring look for a pack of horses to tame. A horse can travel up to 14 blocks a second which is over triple the speed of the walking speed of the player. Traveling on horseback also comes with the benefit of losing less hunger points and you do not have to jump over a 1 high block as horses will simply canter over them. Horses offer a lot of benefits to a player looking to travel long distances.

Minecraft Horse

7.5-15 full heartsPassivePlains, Savannahs, and villages0-2 Leather, (If Equipped),1 Saddle, 1 Horse Armor

Where do Horses Spawn in Minecraft?

Horses will only spawn in specific biomes. You can find them in plains, savannahs, and sometimes villages will generate with horses penned in with fence posts. Horses will typically spawn in groups of 2-6 and their stats and appearance will vary. Every group of spawns will have the same color, but they will have different markings. The color and markings are purely for appearance and do not denote what the stats of the horse will be.

Minecraft Horse

A village with horses does not contain tamed horses and you can tame them yourself if you want to.

Behavior of Horses in Minecraft

Horses will wander aimlessly until the player interacts with them. Attempting to ride a wild horse will cause the horse to turn and attempt to buck the player off.

Minecraft Horse

If you want to tame a horse you simply have to keep right clicking on the horse without having an item selected. The horse will attempt to buck you off and you simply have to stay on until you see hearts leave the horse.

Minecraft Horse

Once the horse is tamed you can equip them with a saddle and give them horse armor if you want. The horse cannot be controlled until you equip them with a saddle. When you are riding the horse you can see its health bar depicted above your hunger bar. To dismount a horse, simply press the sneak button.

Each horse will spawn with its own individual speed, jump, and health stats. When you hold the jump button while riding a horse your experience bar will change to the jump meter. Try to release the space bar when the bar is filled to jump the highest.

Minecraft Horse

A horse’s speed is determined when it spawns. A slow horse offers almost no benefit as they will be slightly faster than the player’s walk speed, but certainly slower than the player’s sprint speed.

If you breed two horses, the resulting foal will have the average of the two parent’s stats. This most often produces a horse with lower total stats, unless the two parent’s stats are perfect.

Drops from Horses in Minecraft

If you kill a horse, it will drop 0-2 pieces of leather as well as any items that they had equipped. They will also drop 1-3 experience. Farming horses is not very efficient, and you can always unequip the items that the horse is wearing by riding the horse and opening your inventory. I would not recommend farming horses.


You can get the cow tipper achievement by killing a horse and picking up the leather it drops.

A horse with a rider can be pulled along with a lead similar to any other mob attached with a lead.

There are seven different colors of horses along with five different markings that they can spawn with for a total of thirty five different appearances that a horse can spawn with.


How to breed a mule in Minecraft?

If you feed a tamed horse and donkey with golden apples or golden carrots, the two animals will enter love mode. After successfully breeding a horse and a donkey, you will get a mule. You can equip a mule with a chest to hold an inventory that you can transport.

Can horses hold items in Minecraft?

Horses can only be equipped with saddles and armor. If you want a mob that can carry items you will need to breed a mule.

Can you make horse armor?

Horse armor can only be found in dungeon chests, desert temple chests, end city chests, nether fortress chests, village armorsmith chests, and stronghold altar chests. Golden horse armor can also be found in portal ruins chests.

How to heal a horse in Minecraft?

There are six items you can feed a horse to heal it. Sugar will heal the horse for half a heart, wheat will heal the horse by a full heart, apples will heal a heart and a half, golden carrots will cause a tamed horse to enter love mode as well as heal two full hearts, golden apples will do the same to tamed horses and heal five full hearts, and finally hay bales will heal a tamed horse by ten full hearts.

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