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How to Make an Observer in Minecraft

Redstone is a great aspect of Minecraft that allows you to automate everything. Automation can be easily achieved with many different Redstone items such as pistons and repeaters, but another item added to Minecraft is an observer. The observer is a great addition to Redstone as it allows even more advanced automation than before. In this guide, you will learn how to craft and use an observer, and even how it works.

Observer in Minecraft

Required Materials for an Observer

  1. 6 cobblestone
  2. 2 Redstone dust
  3. 1 nether quartz

How to Make an Observer in Minecraft?

Crafting an observer is a lot easier than it sounds. The first step is to get the two Redstone dust. As you get the two Redstone dust, you will have to get some cobblestone in the process, so make sure you get six extra blocks.

To get Redstone, you first need to find and mine some Redstone ore. To get Redstone ore, you first need to craft an Iron pickaxe.

To get an iron pickaxe, you first need to craft a wooden pickaxe. To do this, you need three wooden planks and two sticks. Once you have obtained those materials, you can put them in your crafting table with the following pattern.

Crafting a wooden pickaxe


Now that you have created your wooden pickaxe, you need to upgrade it to stone. To do this, you need three pieces of cobblestone and to get that, you have to mine three pieces of stone in a cave. Caves are lined with stone so it shouldn’t be difficult at all to get stone. The stone in a cave will be any of the gray blocks that you see below.

Minecraft Cave

To craft a stone pickaxe, you can follow the following recipe:

Crafting a stone pickaxe

Next, you have to craft an iron pickaxe. To craft an iron pickaxe all you need to do is obtain three iron ingots and two sticks. To get three iron ingots, all you have to do is find three iron ore in your mine and smelt them in a furnace. One iron ore will give you one iron ingot. Once you have obtained your three iron ingots, you have to place them in your crafting table with the following recipe.

crafting an iron pickaxe

Now that you have your iron pickaxe, you need to go find Redstone ore. Mine the Redstone ore with your iron pickaxe and Redstone dust will drop.

Once you have gathered your Redstone and cobblestone, you need to go to the nether.

To get to the nether, you need to find three diamond ores. Breaking one diamond ore will drop one diamond. Once you have gathered your three diamonds, you need to go back to your crafting table. With your three diamonds and two sticks, you need to craft a diamond pickaxe using the following recipe below

Crafting a diamond pickaxe in Minecraft

Step 8) Now that you have crafted your pickaxe, you need to find a lava pool. Bring a water bucket with you and once you have found that lava pool, pour the water on top of it. When water comes into contact with a lava source, it will turn the lava into obsidian.

Turning lava into obsidian in Minecraft


Now that you have your obsidian, mine it with your diamond pickaxe. They take a while to mine with a diamond pickaxe, but you only need ten of them. With these ten pieces of obsidian, you can build a Nether portal. In the Nether, you will find nether quartz ore. Mine one of these to get nether quartz.

Once you have acquired your cobblestone, redstone dust, and nether quartz, you need to find your way back home to your crafting table. Go into the crafting table and you can follow the recipe below to craft an observer.

Crafting an observer in Minecraft

How does the Observer work in Minecraft?

The way an observer works is really simple, but it has the potential to create amazing machines. To use an observer, all you have to do is place it down. Depending on where its face is facing determines where it observes. If it detects an entity in front of it, it will emit a Redstone signal. You can then use this Redstone signal to power other mechanisms like Redstone repeaters or pistons.


Q. What can an observer detect?

Observers can detect different types of flowing water, growing crops, and other observer blocks.

Q. Can an observer detect a player?

Currently, observers cannot detect a player.

Q. Can observers detect villagers?

Currently, observers cannot detect a villager.

Q. Do observers cause lag?

Just as its own block, observers cannot cause lag.


Now that you have learned how to use an observer, you can use it in your Minecraft world. You can use them to create automatic farms and many other things in Minecraft. Just make sure you have enough Redstone to lead a signal off of them!

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