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Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Arnold Sports Festival 2017

"If you're trying to lose fat..." - Arnold Schwarzenegger shares 'fat loss hacks' in his daily newsletter

Arnold Schwarzenegger, a seven-time Mr. Olympia Champion, retired from competitive bodybuilding ages ago. However, his love for health and fitness has not depleted an inch. He started a daily newsletter called The Pump Daily and has been sharing facts and tips related to fitness.

In the most recent edition of Schwarzenegger's newsletter, he shared some secret 'fat loss hacks' and wrote:

"While resistance training gets a lot of attention (and rightfully so) for its endless benefits, rucking can help improve your posture, increase strength and cardiovascular endurance - and it might be the answer you're looking for if you're trying to lose fat."

Schwarzenegger started off by explaining what 'rucking' is.

"If you're not familiar, rucking is simply walking with a weighted bag or pack. This is nothing new, but recent research is making scientists wonder if carrying extra weight can help with stubborn fat loss."
Arnold Classic Sports Festival

Later on, the celebrated bodybuilder-turned-actor-turned-politician shared a research fact from South Carolina. This explained how 'rucking' can make you lose weight faster than walking.

"Researchers from South Carolina estimate that rucking can burn at least 2 to 3 times more calories than walking. And, it's possible that just 15 minutes of rucking (with 30 pounds) burns as many calories as an hour of running, without all the pounding on your joints."

Arnold Schwarzenegger added that it's doesn't just burn the extra calories but also helps in weight loss:

"But it's not the extra calorie burn that has scientists so excited. More research is needed to see if it holds up, but one study found that wearing a heavily weighted pack resulted in participants losing three more pounds than those wearing a light vest."

The legendary former bodybuilder also mentioned the link that scientists are finding between rucking and the production of 'leptin'.

"The cool part? The pound seemingly disappeared despite not changing any other aspects of exercise or diet. Scientists are investigating whether carrying the extra weight might trick your body into producing more leptin, a hormone in your fat cells. This could reduce hunger, increase your metabolism, and limit fat storage."
Arnold Sports Festival Africa 2019

Additionally. Arnold Schwarzenegger also shared a 'Q&A' that he recently conducted. He answered a few of the questions that fans asked. One fan asked what playlist he listened to while working out.

Arnold replied to the question by stating:

"If I train at home, it's either classic country like Johnny Cash or 50s rock like Chuck Berry. Those genres are America to me, and I absolutely love them."

The Austrian Oak also added that he listens to whatever the gym plays while working out.

"But at the gym, it's whatever they play. I don't carry a machine into the gym. Music just isn't part of my training. In the old days, Joe Gold didn't allow music at Gold's."

The Terminator star may have turned 75, but he has not stopped motivating fans across the world.

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